Friday, May 11, 2012

A Good Life +10

 We spent last Saturday at the beach. 
I love the beach more than most things in the whole world,
but last Saturday was National Scrapbook Day.

I admit I was sad that I couldn't participate in the oodles of online challenges
and giveaways that went on that day.
{But we did have an excellent time playing in the sand and surf!}

The nice folks over at offered a week-long challenge
in addition to their many NSBD challenges.

The week-long challenge was to create a mini album "time machine" -
a book containing 10 or more things you'd like to remember 10 years from now.

I made a paper bag album that is basically a snapshot of our lives right now.
Included are us, our kids, our pets, our current home & cars,
and a whole slew of favorites -
as well as current cost of
bread, milk, gas, & stamps.

It was tons of fun to make, thanks for taking a peek!


  1. OMG...the beach sounds heavenly right now. It's one of my favorite places to be too :D Your album turned out so beautiful! I can't believe you made it from a paper bag. Oh and your puppers are soooo cute!!

  2. What a FUN idea for a book!!! Love what you did :)

  3. Wow!! This has got to be one of my favorites of yours! The colors and mixing the animal print with the black, white and burgundy. It's yummy delicious! From the gorgeous cover to the Washi tape (I have the same birdie tape from mike's) this is something to be very proud of!! Happy Mother's Day!!! HUGS!

  4. This is awesome! I have yet to complete a paper bag mini! Yours turned out beautifully...Happy Mother's Day to you...enjoy your day :)

  5. WOW!!!!! I am in **love** with this!!! Totally outdone yourself, just stinkin' GORGEOUS!! :) I so wish I could make things like this - and what a wonderful idea about your current favorites and prices for basics, genius! :) Wonderful, awesome job!!!!

  6. Gorgeous! Love your flowers, colour choice, omg! I love it all!

  7. This album is stunning! I love everything about it! Great job!

  8. you put a lot of heart and soul into this mini, and its incredibly stunning! you did a fabulous job of this, and i'm positive that in 10 years' time, this is going to be an absolute pleasure to browse through!

  9. Oh my goodness, Melissa, your mini is gorgeous! I love everything about it! Wow! Fabulous!!!!!!


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