Thursday, October 18, 2012

A New Look!

I've decided to make my blog more simple and streamlined, that old format was getting on my nerves.

I've been wanting to change it for a while, I just couldn't figure out how to delete that CBOTB template.

I'll stick to paper, computers definitely aren't my strong suit.

I hope you like it, I know I do!

And since no blog post is complete without a photo here's a cute one for your viewing pleasure:

I'll be back tomorrow (TGIAF!) with a foray into negative space.


  1. I do like it! I understand the need for something more is complicated enough!!!
    And that pic is so cute! Hee, hee!

  2. So much white space! Sometimes that can be a really good thing. And I love those sweet jowels!!!!! I always put my hands under Junior's chin and kiss him on both sides, while saying "I wuv dees big ole jowels, and I will kiss dem both like we're in Europe!!" in a silly voice. I don't know what started me saying it, but Josh thinks I'm freakin' nuts!!! I don't care, I do it all the time, and I love it!!! :)

  3. Hi, just popped over from 2ps, great site! I totally get what you mean on streamlining, I'm looking at updating my site very soon also. Love your photo LOL!

  4. I do like your clean layout. Change is so good and refreshing isn;t it. Cute puppy!

  5. Such a cuttie!!! really love the clean layout too!

    Just popped over from 2peas! :)

  6. I came over from 2peas. I'm glad I'm not the only one who can't figure out how to join on typepad. What a little cutie you have!


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