Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Doggy Love

Happy Heart Day, friends!

I will admit to not being a huge fan of the holiday hoopla.

I'd rather receive a bunch of daisies on a random Thursday
as opposed to an $85 vase of roses on Valentine's Day.

In honor of this day of love I am sharing some pictures
of two creatures that definitely have my heart.

They are Daisy (she's the one with white on her face) and Brodie - 
our adorable, silly, trouble making Boxers.

You will rarely find one without the other and as you will see
they usually have to be touching each other.

I hope the pictures make you smile!


  1. Oh how I love Miss Daisy and Mr. Brodie !!!! Adorable..

  2. OH!!!! I just **LOVE** this post!!!!! :D I want to curl up with them both, such sweet faces!!! I am in AWE of your photography, too! Just GORGEOUS! :) I'm going to have to show The Hub the first pic tonight, looks like they're curled up in a heart together. :)

  3. Naawww such adorable photos of your gorgeous furever friends!

  4. they are so cute! I'm afraid they'd EAT me, they are so big LOL!

  5. I too prefer daisies. Bet your doggies give great kisses :-)


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