Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I scrap backwards.

If there were a wrong way to scrap I'd definitely be in the "wrong way" camp.

I don't scrap chronologically.
I go for months without scrapping a single photo.
I often pick my paper first.
I sometimes build an entire layout with no clue as to what photo it will showcase.
I use flowers and butterflies for boys.
I mix patterns and manufacturers.
I'll spend hours on a layout and then completely redo it or trash it if I don't like it.

I don't have an imaginary deadline looming over my head screaming at me to

Because that's not what scrapping is to me.
I just like to make pretty stuff.

This page was absolutely scrapped backwards,
and I love it.

It started with the butterfly, an idea I got from my friend Chris . . . 

Then the rolled flowers. 
Which I thought looked smashing with some Prima North Country.

Hmmm, Christmas paper. Maybe I can find a Christmas photo?


Oh wow, I'm going to need a fabulous title to go with that adorable picture.

"Let him sleep for when he wakes he will move mountains."


I often hide my journaling. I made a tag with Spellbinders Labels 8.
An eyelet and some Doodle Twine and it can easily be pulled out to read.

Last but not least, Washi tape . . .

A little bit of that stuff goes a long way as far as adding drama (or ooomph!).
I love it. And I need MORE.

I hope you enjoyed my little tour.
I'm curious if there are other scrappers out there a little bit like me -
who do things with pretty much no rhyme or reason?


  1. I really love your layout! Your butterfly and rolled flowers are just beautiful! :)

    I am always really anxious to get things scrapped, so I stay pretty caught up with my photos. When I started scrapping, I did it chronologically, so I've stayed with that.

    I just ordered some washi tape, should be here anyday. Can't wait to try it out! :)

  2. So sweet! I scrap backwards a lot too - for me it is just a great creative release :)

  3. It's interesting seeing your process. I'm the absolute opposite. I plan down to a t! Lately as I'm getting more skilled at it (just started scrapbooking a few months ago), I'm able to plan less and less. And as my stash grows, sometimes I need to start with a product as opposed to a photo. So maybe in a few months, I'll scrap like you do too!

  4. I completely get your process. For me, I have to "feel it". I have to be in the mood for the project I am working on. Be it a scrapbook page or card.

  5. It's perfect! We all have a process lol! Whatever works ;)

  6. I definately don't scrap chronologically either, and I do not put pressure on myself to get stuff in books. Its the art of creating that I enjoy most, and If they never get scrapped, than they will be in a box like the photos I have are. Not the end of the world to me either.

    You do scrap backwards though choosing the paper first LMAO! I do this sometimes if I have paper that I just cannot get out of my mind and NEED to use it. I will then find a photo to go along with that paper, but I do not add one embellishment or anything until I have the photo!!

    This layout turned out awesome. Love the title and the rosettes!!

  7. What an adorable page!!

  8. Gorgeous layout! Love your butterfly!! I am another that doesn't scrap chronologically either ;)

  9. Love it, I think pictures of sleeping babies are one of my faves! I don't always scrap chronologically either. I don't think there's anything wrong.

  10. This has to be my favorite LO of yours. Everything about it is just precious. Submit this for publication. NOW!!!!
    Thank you for the generous offer of the lighthouse but let me see if I can find it at either Mike's or Joanne's. You are a sweetie!

  11. I love your LO! I wish I could get this creative like that, I too scrap backwards. I haven't done a LO in over a year and I would say half to almost two years. I lost my passion for scrapping for a while and just stopped which was an Okay thing. Started a new Chapter in my life a year and half ago. I have a couple of layouts to scrap but I just haven't even gotten around to even printing the pics yet! hahah

    I too scrap backwards!! I love it and wouldnt have it any other way! I would love to steal this for my blog if thats ok with you! ;)

  12. this is stunning, and backward or not,,,,,it's definitely GORGEOUS.

    BTW, I scrap backwards too,,,,,,,,when I scrap,,,,,which isn't often LOL

  13. I stumbled across your blog and found this post. Love your scrapping method. I should it's as backward as mine. lol
    Love you layout - really sweet!

  14. This lo is too cute and I am loving the flowers!!!

  15. Love, love, love this. I wish I had your gift of color and pp selection. Great title work too. I'm more of a random scrapper too :D

  16. SOOOOO cute! your lo and your photo!! happy to be following you now! hl :)

  17. Thanks to everyone for all of the comments! I'm glad to see I'm not alone in my crazy ways.


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