Monday, July 2, 2012

Another Paper Bag Mini

Today I'm sharing a paper bag mini album
that I made for a friend.

Have you ever made something for a fellow crafter?

It's a little nerve-wracking!

At first I tried not to put too much of my "style" into it, but I eventually gave up and just had fun with it.

Front cover.

1st and 2nd pages.

Tags for journaling.

These tuck right into the "pockets" of the album.

Tri-fold for photos.

3rd and 4th pages.

Lots of mini tags. LOVE that butterfly.

Another tri-fold for smaller photos.

5th and 6th pages.

More tags and ephemera. 

7th and 8th pages.

You got it, more tags!

Top view.

Back cover.

And that's it. I hope she likes it!


  1. she will love it!!! so fabulous!!!

  2. OMG!!! Again, I am in utter awe of your jaw-dropping abilities and talent!!! Sooooo beautiful!!!! I really need to come hang out with you, I really need just an ounce of your creativity to rub off on me. Totally gorgeous!! :D

  3. Stupid can't edit!

    Anyway... GREAT JOB! I love it and am very glad I sat out of this swap! :)

  4. Love it! I'm jealous of the recipient. Unless its me. Then I'm thrilled. :) -amanda

  5. She's gonna love it, I know I do ;D Those butterflies are great, Take Care!

  6. So pretty, Melissa! She'll love it. Can't wait to see who gets it. :D

  7. Wow-wee! Absolutely beautiful! Love the trifoldout, all the details....this was definitely made with LOVE!

  8. This is awesome and I know she'll love it! I've made cards before for other crafters, and you're so right, it is nerve-wracking!

  9. love it ... hope it's coming my way :)

  10. I bet she will like it all the more because of its style. What a fun and thoughtful gift!

  11. This is lovely, I'm sure she will love it! Becky x

  12. IT's MINE!!!!!!! OMG Melissa, this is stunning, and the photos dont do it a bit of justice! Just bursting with creativity and love, I couldn't have asked for anything more perfect! The colors are amazingly soft and inviting, and the details are to die for! I'll have to VERY carefully choose the perfect photos to put in this one! THANK YOU!!!

  13. Woo, darling! Lucky you Teresa!


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