Monday, July 16, 2012

Sew Easy? Not so much.

With a Michael's gift card burning a hole in my pocket,
I finally broke down and bought a Sew Easy.
{ Thanks, Mom! }

I love it, but there is a definite learning curve.
{Getting those lines straight is going to take some practice.}

Are you ooohing and ahhhing?!

It's that paper! Thanks to the enabling Cassie over at
I snatched the Country Boutique 6x6 pad from
right up.

See that gorgeous washi tape?
Cassie again. It's from Freckled Fawn.

In short, if you're looking for the latest and greatest in the paper world you can't go wrong at Paper Issues.
No, she didn't pay me to say that.
I'm simply floored by her fast, friendly customer service and
overwhelming supply of crafty goodness!


  1. Hey Melissa, hope you had a great weekend. Love the card & I agree Paper Issues is pretty awesome :D

  2. That is one beautiful card! :)

  3. This is so beautiful! The stitching adds such a nice touch. I don't have a Sew Easy, but I use my sewing machine...ALOT! I lightly draw a straight line using a ruler and a pencil and it works every time. Maybe this would work for the Sew Easy too. :)

  4. Pretty card. Have u tried using it along with the ruler? I have a few heads but I mainly use the WMRK Brad Setter and a ruler.

  5. i L.O.V.E. this card! Incredible, beautiful, utter per.fec.tion!!!! Yummy!

  6. cute card...great idea for the stitching leading to the butterflies.

  7. very cute card!! love butterflies!!

    thanks for following my blog! i am returning the favor! lots of inspiration here!!!

  8. Great lookin' card!

    I've eyed the Sew Easy- but have been afraid it would be tough to do and do WELL... I don't know, it looks kinda dodgy to me... but dangit if I don't want one, now. Even with the learning curve warning. I'm not a fan of learning curves! I wanna start and RUN!


  9. Yep - Cassie is awesome! And, so is your card! I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with my sew easy

  10. Love the card, Melissa! I might have to get me a sew easy..the results are caaute! :)


  11. Such a pretty card. I really like the dimension to the butterflies.

  12. That is super cute! You did great with the sew easy, it def takes some getting used to! Kristina Werner did a tut using a tsquare.

  13. Cute card! I love the washi tape and the dimension in the butterflies! Thanks for sharing! :)

  14. I know someone who bought a Kenmore vintage 70's machine at a local thrift store and has yet to actually learn how to thread it or how it kudos to you for jumping in there and going for it! It looks awesome!


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