Wednesday, December 5, 2012

December Daily - the bones

I was intrigued last December by so many people's December Dailies that I promised myself I would try it this year.

Oh the visions I had!
 All of the cute pockets of goodies and photos.
I will get one of those gorgeous little Sn@p binders and fill it full of our holiday traditions and escapades!

It would be so easy to keep up with!
I mean, if they can do then surely I could do it, too.



I couldn't even get the darn thing assembled by December 1st.

And we don't even do that much stuff in December,
I would have an album full of fluff.
Or "what we had for dinner".
Or a bunch of staged, fake photos of the kids and more likely -
our poor dogs in Santa hats and elf hats drinking the water out of the Christmas tree.

So, I'm not doing a December Daily. But I sort of am.
It will be a fun little album of all our traditions and escapades,
but it won't document every single day.

I found this adorable burlap chipboard album (Little Yellow Bicycle)
at Michael's for THREE DOLLARS. Um, hello?

It's 6x6 and has 6 inside pages.
I just received an awesome kraft envelope for winning a layout challenge,
so I punched some holes to use it as a "page" also.

Some acetate pages and vellum envelopes will also find their way in soon.

The paper? October Afternoon's Make It Merry. *swoon*
I love it. LOVE. It's so whimsical and perfect.

More bits and pieces from the OA collection . . .

What's an album without washi? A boring one if you ask me.

And stamps!

I won't bore you with the ink, paint, ribbons, and alpha stickers.

Mainly because I haven't picked them all out yet.

I have been taking plenty of photos for it, though!

Here are a few that are just waiting for a prime spot in the album:

Is there anyone out there who is a little like me?

Is your "December Daily" more of a
 "This Is What We Did In December And A Little Bit Of November And Maybe Even January"?

Since that title is so long and would never fit on a 6x6 album,
I shall call it instead the "Holiday Hustle".
Because it's funny. 
And everyone could use more funny.


  1. Yes I am doing kinda the same thing!!
    I even blogged about how "watered down" my version will be and that I am taking cues from some others and instead of creating a a "December Daily" I'm going to create a "Count Down to Christmas" album instead this way there is no pressure to necessarily get a pic everyday.
    (Although so far I have one everyday and some days I have a couple of pics).
    Good luck w/ yours!

  2. This looks like it will be so much fun to put together. I just happen to have two burlap albums, sitting and waiting for the perfect project. :)

  3. I love seeing all the different takes in the December daily album, this year I am doing an instagram album as I am doing the project 365 photo a day :)

  4. Absolutely no problem with that!
    I did the exact same thing in 2008.
    My DD turned into just a holiday album.
    But the kids love it just the same :)

  5. Funny. You are not alone. I was just commenting to someone last night, that I love the idea of a December Daily but could never keep up so I am doing an Almost December Daily.

  6. I think a December Daily should be about whatever you want it to be about ... no rules.
    I was able to keep up last year - I'm hoping I can be as successful this year.

  7. You are doing great. I've started it and already I am realizing my life is boring, I debated about taking a pic of the vacuum...too real? Laura

  8. I love it!! :) Some days I feel like my DD is more fluff but I'm trying to stick to my goal again this year. Even the fluff pages from last year I look back on with a warm heart - so I'm going to do it again! I love all the supplies you picked, and you always do such a fantastic, wonderful, gorgeous job on everything! Can't wait to see some finished pages! :)


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