Thursday, November 1, 2012

Scraps! (and an announcement)

I know what you're thinking ... 
"Where has this girl been?"

(Humor me.)

I've been playing with scraps. Lots and lots of scraps.

It's disgraceful, really, what I've let my scrap box turn into . . . 

All the little bits and pieces that I love so much (or not so much)
that I just can't seem to part with get thrown into that box.

When I couldn't close it anymore I knew I had to do something about it.

Inspired by too many bloggers to name (because if I forgot one I'd feel like a tool)
I got to work separating my scraps into usable kits.

I wanted to really challenge myself to use this stuff up so I made some rules:

 The only other paper I'm allowed to use is 12x12 for the layout base.
But it has to be old paper.
That paper that's been sitting in my Cropper Hopper for 3 years. Or more.
No new stuff. None.

Here's the first "kit" - 

So far I've made a few cards . . .

Saturday Sketch by Kimber at Two Peas in a Bucket.

And this layout:

Making good use of all those scraps . . . 

And the packs of embellishments that were collecting dust . . .

I must admit, I cheated already.

I really, really wanted to use the bubblegum pink Thickers that have been sitting in my stash, but the color was wrong, wrong, wrong.

So I dipped into my jar of glittery hot pink chipboard for the title.

I'm not beating myself up about it becasue they certainly aren't new AND
I used those bubblegum pink Thickers on an equally fabulous layout that I'll share with you tomorrow.


Oh, oh! And the special announcement part?

This girl got picked by Sketches In Thyme to join their fabulous team of Mavens!


  1. Congrats on being on the new team! They have a great talent on their hands! I also like all of the projects you made...awesome =)

  2. Congratulations on your great news! Such fun projects too! Lots of great color!

  3. Congrats!!! I love your "kit" - I so need to do that! :)

  4. Congrats on the new DT! Your work is gorgeous!

  5. Good for you challenging yourself! You're doing a great job!
    LOve your "Hi" card and your layout!
    Question: how did you create those rings on your layout?

    And CONGRATS to you on making the DT!!! Whoo-to-the Hoo!!!!!

  6. Wow good for you to use up your stuff!!! And it's all so beautiful.

    Congrats on the DT position!!! :D

  7. Congrats!!!
    I love your layout and cards!! I just went through my scrap stash and did a Halloween card with what I had left! You did a great job!!!!

  8. Congrats! Great projects with your DIY kit!

  9. very nice i love that effect on your page.. the cirle to cute... very nice layout!

  10. girl you are rocking the scraps!! i love it all!! I have been using up all my scraps as well. I put myself on a spending freeze until I use it up!! So far so good here!!

    a huge congrats on the dt!! going to have to check this site out!!

  11. Love all the projects and congrats!!

  12. Great job. Love that kit and the cards and layout you made. I think it feels so good to use up my scraps.

  13. Such a great idea to make a kit from scraps! Love what you have done and HUGE congrats on your new DT!

  14. Congrats to you :)
    Great uses for your scraps...which you have a lot of ;)
    I keep my scraps in a file folder that is colour co-ordinate to the papers :)
    My goal is to use up my scraps, so far so good.

  15. Congrats on the DT!

    I love all of your kit projects! The layout and cards are fabulous.
    I think I need to kit up my scraps now.

  16. First of all congrats to you for making the team!!! You have inspired me so much to go through my scraps!! I can't believe you created all those projects with old scraps and paper. I am so impressed!!

  17. Congrats on the DT spot! And, your projects are gorgeous! Doesn't using up your scraps feel soooo rewarding??!

  18. Yeah for the DT Spot! How exciting for you. Good luck with it. I'll be looking for your layouts.

  19. Wow what a great idea and your projects turned out beautiful! I might have to give this a try. I really need to stop buying new stuff and use what I have, thanks for the inspiration :D

    CONGRATS on the new DT assignment!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Congrats. I am looking forward to creating with you at Sketches In Thyme!

  21. Congrats. I am looking forward to creating with you at Sketches In Thyme!

  22. This is an awesome idea! I totally love the cards that you made with those scraps. I am inspired. :)


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